Special Offers

"Your Tax Returns Done Right The First Time."

Referral Discount

At Valuprep, we understand that no amount of marketing and advertising can beat what our clients can do for us through word-of-mouth referral when we provide our clients the best services that we can and we treat our clients with the utmost respect that they deserve. When a satisfied client recommends our services to their friends, family, and co-workers, we can get tremendous results. So, if you are a client who has used our tax preparation services for tax-year 2013 we will give you a 10% discount on your tax preparation fee for every new client you recommend us to if that new client uses our tax preparation services. Yes, if you recommend our services to 10 new clients who end up using our tax preparation services, we will not charge you any fee!

New Client Discount

If you are a client who is new to our practice, we will offer you a 10% discount on our service for your first year tax return preparation with us. This offer can be combined with the Referral Discount.